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Fall 2013 7v7 Tourneys Conclude

On Monday, September 30, the Fall 2013 7v7 Tourneys kicked off. Day saw was for the U12 and U13 Boys group followed by the U11 and U12 Boys and Girls group.

The first event featured 8 teams and 60 players battling in a round robin format to decide the winner. After group play, early favorites Brown Mud were atop their group while the dark horse Rush Elite were first place in group 2. They both cruised through their semifinals to meet in a closely contested final. Regulation ended 0-0 and so a shootout would decide the game. After a great event, Rush Elite prevailed as champions!

In the second tournament, the U11 Rush Girls joined several U11 and U12 boys teams to battle for the title. Team Brazil cruised through group play undefeated while team Potato topped group 2. The semifinals were not as straightforward this time as Brazil and the Rainbow Unicorns had to settle their game in a shootout. This was no ordinary shootout, this was the longest shootout in 7v7 history! After the initial 3 shooters, the game was still tied. They had to go through 6 more rounds of shooters before Brazil finally prevailed. The final was a tight battle, but Brazil won in the end 1-0.

Day 2 of the 7v7 tournament kicked off and had a ton of energy that was brought by the younger girls groups. Bonus points for teams that were singing songs were given, and the neighborhood was rocking! In the first tourney of the day, the Fruity Loopies prevailed in the final after some VERY questionable officiating by the German referee. A late penalty kick was given and a goal in the last second was disallowed for a phantom offside call. The game would end in a shootout, though that seemed uneventful after the refereeing shenanigans that took place minutes earlier.

In the second tourney of the night the singing and playing continued as before. Unfortunately, so did the refereeing. After the German official was replaced for the earlier scandal, his Irish replacement did no better. The final came down to a very late PK call to equalize the game, however, the minions were not detered. Chantae Steele took a long punt from Heidi Self and smashed home the championship winning goal for the Minions. Thanks to all the participants and we look forward to next's seasons tourneys!

See below for our winners and a highlight video from the event!

F137v7W1 F137v7W2
U12/U13 Boys Champions "Rush Elite"   U11 Girls/U11, U12 Boys Champions "Brazil"
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