Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club

Rush Pikes Peak held its semi-annual 7 v 7 tournament for its competitive youth soccer teams last week.

Each season, the club's U11 - U14 players look forward to the tournament, which celebrates passion for the game, enjoyment, and club unity. Players come together at Discovery Park and coaches divide teams randomly to create a pick-up style soccer environment.

Monday's tournament featured players from the club's U13 and U14 teams. In the boys bracket, 70 players took part in four round robin games before moving onto semifinals, finals, and consolation games. The Purple Llamas prevailed in the final game, winning the day after losing only one of their six games. In the girls bracket, the Jerseys won their semifinal and the final game in penalty shootouts. The Jerseys' goalkeeper, U12 Rush player Ariana Betoni, made several key saves in both rounds to spur her team onto victory.

On Wednesday, the boys U11 and U12 teams braved blustery conditions. Manchester United and Magical Unicorns met in the final, playing to a hard fought stalemate before Manchester United won in penalties. While most players cheered wildly from the sideline, U11 Cinza's Isaac Nehme came up with the final save to clinch the win.

The tournament's final bracket, U11 and U12 girls, had almost 100 players competing. The undefeated Epic Grasskickers and Fighters teams met in the semifinal of one half of the bracket and Flames battled Gummy Bears in the semifinal for the other half of the bracket. Epic Grasskickers and Flames moved onto the final, with Epic Grasskickers winning the match 1-0 while 70 players cheered, sang, and showed Rush spirit.

Spring7v7B1314Winners  Spring7v7G1314Winners Spring7v7B1112Winners  Spring7v7G1112Winners 
Monday Champions
Purple Llamas
Monday Champions

Wednesday Champions
Manchester United

Wednesday Champions
Epic Grasskickers


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