Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club

Make Up Game Procedures

If the home or the opposing coach needs to cancel a game please follow these guidelines:
1)      Communicate with the opposing coach.

2)      Contact the office to find out field availability.

3)      Confirm with opposing coach. Offer opposing coach three alternative available times/dates.

4)      Email all information (including the form below if this is an Intermediate/Advanced League game) to Nik Penn at before 10:00 am on the Wednesday prior to the weekend game. Submissions after this time will not be accepted as they cannot be submitted to the state office in time for referees to be assigned.

5)      Club will submit information to cancel referees and request referees.  Club will also communicate with CSA to get the game information updated in their system.  

Additional Information:

Click here for the Intermediate and Advanced League Make Up Game Request Form

As a reminder, game make ups for any reason other than inclement weather may not be accepted. If a non-weather related reschedule is accepted, the new date and time may not show on the state league's online schedule. In this case, please request a referee confirmation from the club office to send to the opposing coach.

From Colorado Soccer Association as of April 21:
All games must be played and reported on or before May 16th for the following ages/divisions:
U11 G/B Super League, Premier 1, and Premier 2
U12 G/B Super League, Premier 1, Premier 2
U13 G/B Super League, Premier 1, Premier 2

All games must be played and reported on or before Tuesday May 19th for the following ages/divisions:
U14G/B All Divisions
U15B All Divisions
U16B All Divisions
U17B All Divisions
U18B All Divisions


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