Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club

Rush Pikes Peak Tutor Program


Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club offers a unique program called the Tutor Program, which provides the opportunity for any player to train with any team in Rush. One of the main components to becoming a great player is quite simple: hard work. Hard work equates to hundreds of hours striving towards a goal you have established. Dedication to a personal goal is imperative to your growth and eventually your success.


Every day, thousands of teams and millions of players are reaching for the top to someday play in college, professionally, or even for their country. You have every opportunity to train as much as you desire. There are no excuses or obstacles other than the ones you create.


Below is the contact information for all the boys and girls teams for players interested in extra training. Please call or email the head coach to find out the status of future training dates times and locations. Team coaches are all aware of this program and will be willing to work with any player that is interested.


Please always check the Rush Pikes Peak website or the coach running the session before heading out to the fields to check if the sessions are still on.

For players interested in training with the Colorado Rush based in Denver please click here for contact information.


Boys Tutor Program

Team Coach Email Phone
U18 Rush Espen Hosoien 719-439-8461
U18 Nero Darren Gallagher 920-312-5010
U17 Rush Scott Palguta     609-709-3198
U16 Rush Dan Highstead 719-930-0254
U16 Nero Brian Miller 719-930-1864
U15 Rush Nik Penn 719-243-3644
U15 Nero Nick Massa 719-322-6878
U14 Rush Dan Highstead 719-930-0254
U14 Nero Ben Corley 719-440-5657
U14 Azul John LeCato 719-306-2052
U13 Rush Nik Penn
U13 Platinum     Paul Davison 719-243-0676
U13 Nero Jotwan Daniels 706-254-9777
U13 Azul Jake Heath 423-507-4166
U12 Rush Erich Bartelt 720-878-8048
U11 Rush Darren Gallagher    
U11 Nero Matt Stelmaszek 219-789-1224     
U11 Azul Brian Miller 719-930-1864
U11 Cinza             Seth Edick 719-640-3924


Girls Tutor Program

Team Coach Email Phone
U18 Rush Out of season         
N/A N/A 
U17 Rush Out of season N/A N/A 
U16 Rush Out of season N/A N/A 
U15 Nero Out of season N/A  N/A 
U14 Rush Paul Davison                        719-243-0676      
U14 Nero
Nancy Sibley 719-651-0939
U14 Azul
Larry Friend 719-352-8325
U13 Rush Lauren Meehan 970-331-4929
U12 Rush Nik Penn 719-243-3644
U12 Nero Erich Bartelt 720-878-8048
U12 Azul Seth Edick 719-640-3924
U11 Rush
Matt Stelmaszek     219-789-1224    
U11 Nero
Lauren Meehan 970-331-4929
U11 Azul Jotwan Daniels 706-254-9777
U11 Cinza Jake Heath 423-507-4166
U11 Monument    
Brent Cramer 719-651-2307
U11 Pueblo TJ Thiebaut 719-671-8456


Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club

5162 Centennial Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Friday: 10:00am-2:00pm

(719) 590-9977


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