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Rush Pikes Peak Developmental Program General Information

Rush Mission Statement 
Rush Pikes Peak Soccer is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience for all who have interest in the game of soccer. The Rush promotes the spirit of sportsmanship, the electricity of competition and the importance of pure enjoyment. The Rush accepts the responsibilities of teaching life lessons to our athletes to further their development inside the game and out. The Rush is committed to making soccer a pleasant, safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved, regardless of age or ability. We believe that all players are winners because everyone is afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and pursue positive outcomes on and off the field. Through quality coaching, sound leadership and absolute sincerity, the Rush will work to be the best club in the state, nation and world.

In any soccer organization, great or small, three pillars exist that determine the club's decisions, direction, and vision:

> Coaching > Administration  > Political

Any one pillar is not greater than another. The three pillars must co-exist and cooperate if a soccer organization is to succeed and reach its fullest potential. All pillars must communicate and work together in order to make decisions that allow for a club to move in a positive direction.

Developmental Soccer
The Developmental Coaches manual is designed for our coaches in order to help bridge the three pillars; and, although this manual is certainly not all inclusive, hopefully it will give our members a solid foundation to build a healthy team and ultimately help develop the Rush players.

The Developmental Branch is divided into two divisions, the Micro Division and the Bantam Division. The Micro Division is for players from U5-U8 in which teams are formed by geographical region. The Bantam Division is U9-U10 and offers these different categories, the standard inter-league play for U9's and U10's, and Intermediate for U9 and U10 players.  For players who are seeking more competition, the club offers Intermediate in which teams play teams from other clubs. The following is a list of our programs:

>School of Excellence >Intermediate

>Player Clinics            >Coaches Clinics

Rush is proud of its traditions of taking young and talented players to the next level. Some of the players that the club has helped grow and develop are now part of our national or professional teams in the country and/or around the world such as Bobby Burling, Aleisha Cramer, and Conor Casey to name a few.

The purpose for the Developmental Branch is as follows:

> To promote the game of soccer in the community and provide a comprehensive and educational soccer program 
> To provide a soccer experience that will meet our members needs and allow them to achieve their highest potential and thus become the best soccer club in the state, nation, and world 
> To provide competent coaching and adequate physical facilities to the best of our ability 
> To promote the spirit of sportsmanship and good physical and mental health associated with the game of soccer

The Rush, through a player first philosophy, has given kids of all ages a place to play and improve. The Developmental Branch allows each child to pursue his/her own goals, while building confidence and self-esteem.

For any questions, please contact Matt Stelmaszek at

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