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School of Excellence

Fall/Winter School of Excellence dates and times have been announced! Please see below:

Dates: November 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, December 5, 7

Location: Play It Now Sports (Union and Academy)

Times: Girls and Boys: 545-700pm (Fridays), 345-500pm (Sundays)

Cost: $125

School of Excellence registration is now closed.

The School of Excellence is a program designed for the top U8-U10 players in our club. For any questions, please contact Matt Stelmaszek at

The School of Excellence is one of many programs that Rush Pikes Peak Soccer Club has to offer its members. This is an eight-session program designed and modeled after the elite programs of European professional clubs. School of Excellence programs have existed in many top programs in Europe for the past 30 years. Players like David Beckham (LA Galaxy), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Fernando Torres (Liverpool) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) began their careers as soccer-crazed eight year olds. As a direct result of the consistent training that they received through such schools, now they are regarded as the world’s elite players.

04.13.10 - Rush SOE Chant III

The program will introduce them to the competitive game as well as its systems and positional play. It will improve their creativity and technical skills, expand their awareness about the game in different cultures, and set new standards and goals.

The Rush is proud of its traditions of taking young and talented players to the next level. Some of the players that the club has helped grow and develop are now part of our national or professional teams in the country and/or around the world such as Aleisha Cramer, Sarah Wagenfuhr, Wes Hart, Mark Lisi, and Connor Casey to name a few. The training curriculum is designed in conjunction with the competitive staff-training curriculum.  It is designed to compliment the future game as well as to address the immediate needs of the youngsters. It is a combination of technical and tactical topics with emphasis mostly on technical development of the players. The curriculum will cover important topics such as:

04.13.10 - Rush SOE Park Full of Players
> Dribbling, including shielding and taking a player on 
> Finishing, the technical aspects of bending, dipping and a knuckle-ball combined with where & how to line-up
> Passing, striking the ball with a variety of surfaces, deception and the weight of your pass will be introduced 
> Receiving, shielding and turning with the ball 
> Shielding, protecting the ball with the body
> Heading,  introduction with the older age groups
> Offensive, small group combinations, small group shape will be introduced
> Defending, players know they must work hard to get ball back 

If your desire and passion is to grow and excel in the game of soccer, then the School of Excellence is for you.

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