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Captains / Leadership Program

The Captains program is a leadership program provided by coaches for each team within the competitive branch. The idea of the program is to help develop those players who have real leadership potential into real leaders.

As part of Rush Pikes Peak's continuing education for players, there will be two interactive seminars delivered that provides information on the following themes:

1.     What it takes to become a Leader (for players aged U10-U13)

2.     Characteristics of a Rush Captain (for players aged U14-U18)

Both seminars will provide insight into the roles and responsibilities of a Leader and Captain.

For teams aged U10-U13, please select 2-3 players from your team to send to each seminar (the presentation is repeated each month). 

For teams ages U14-U18, please encourage your nominated captains/leaders on your team to attend the seminar. The Captains Program will be a series of three continued education seminars for the players you have either selected to be captains on your team or that you feel demonstrate the traits of a leader/captain.   

Program Contact

Rick Smith
Director of Coaching - Junior Division (U13-U15)
[email protected]
720.660.4074 (cell)


Dates TBD


Colorado Springs, Colorado  

Phone: 720-624-9000
Email: [email protected]


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