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What is Rush Soccer and Rush Pikes Peak all about?

Rush Soccer is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience for all who have an interest in the game of soccer. Rush promotes the spirit of sportsmanship, the electricity of competition and the importance of pure enjoyment. Rush accepts the responsibilities of teaching life lessons to our athletes to further their development inside the game and out. Rush is committed to making soccer a pleasant, safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved, regardless of age or ability. We believe that all players are winners because everyone is afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and pursue positive outcomes on and off the field. Through quality coaching, sound leadership and absolute sincerity, the Rush will work to be the best club in the state, nation, and world.

What is the competitive branch?

The Competitive soccer branch (U11-U19) exists to allow any player, irrespective of ability, the opportunity to take their game to the height of their potential. Players play with other players of like-ability with various levels of commitment throughout. Higher the level, greater the commitment. Rush believes in striving for excellence and as players progress, they are constantly put in new situations to provide a greater challenge if indeed that is what the player desires. For our top players, their goals include playing on the Rush Select teams, ODP state teams, regional teams, national teams, college teams, professional teams, etc. For our club, we want to push our players to “the next level”. This “next level” may be different for every player. The Competitive Branch (U11-U19) is divided into 3 divisions. U11-U12 Boys and Girls fall into the Youth Division. U13-U15 falls into the Junior Division and U16-U19 teams fall into the Senior Division. 

In all divisions, U11-U19 age groups, there is a first team (Rush), a second team (Nero), a third team (Azul), a fourth team (
Cinza), and a fifth team (Weiss) in each age group when numbers allow. Whichever the case, players have made a decision to play competitive soccer and are placed based on their passion, needs, and ability. 

2019/2020 Club Fees

Rush Pikes Peak player fees are more inclusive than ever. Our vision to continue to work to provide a more consistent, and cohesive program. A predictable player development program. Players regardless of the level will be provided with a near identical training diet during the soccer year. The exception being regarding State Cup, or Presidents Cup entry for Rush Teams. 

The addition of facility training fees for 1 session per week in the spring/fall allows for more unity within our club. Teams training in one location will strengthen our community. It gives all players far great access to training opportunities and additional coaching. We believe this will also reduce the logistical burden on families with multiple children in the club. With the exciting bonus of being able to better support and engage our coaching staff. 

We will also see the addition of a winter training diet for each team. Building off of this past winter, we will again continue to build relationships with teams and coaches, allow for more training opportunities for all of our players, from youth players who will continue to support playing multiple sports, to our senior players who are preparing to impact the High School soccer scene or preparing for their Spring Rush season.

We have also seen an increase in our Rush Soccer membership fees. These fees provide our community with many opportunities that impact each and every player. Reduced rates on uniforms for both Developmental and Competitive. Access to Rush Soccer programming: Rush Select, College Advisory Opportunities, Rush Fest. As well as coach development opportunities. 

The benefit of adding these fees into our club registration fees is to allow for a more predictable fee structure as well as enabling families to spread these fees over the course of payment plan. This also allows the club to reduce the burden on team managers to track and collect multiple "pop-up fees".

Club Fees Also Include: Coaching Stipend Fees,  Staff Training Field Fees, Game Fields, Winter Training Field Fees, SPI Registration Fee, Club Administration Fees, League Registration Fees, Referee Fees, and Facility fee for 1 session per week for Fall and/or Spring. 

Club Fees DO NOT Include: Tournament fees, Additional Facility Fees, Uniform Fees 

2019/2020 Club Fees

2019/2020 Competitive Player Registration 


To order a uniform:
1) Pick a jersey number and confirm it with your coach and team manager. (Rush teams are even numbers, Nero teams are odd numbers, etc). 
2) Capelli Sport will send you an email with a link to purchase a uniform
3) Order all necessary uniform items 
4) Uniforms will be shipped directly to your home address 

To view prices and the new Capelli uniform, click here

*Uniforms are good for two years.
*Players born in 2011 do not need to purchase the new uniforms. 





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